Polybag Machine Agencies

Machine Agencies for Polybag Manufacturing

Amutec ( Florence ), Italy.
Amutec has been manufacturing polythene bag machines since 1990. The company's base is in Greve in Chianti in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.
Production is based on bottom-seal solid head machinery for heavy duty sacks, bag on the reel such as refuse bags, and wide web pallet covers on the reel.
De Bernardi Milan Italy
De Bernardi have long been a prominent manufacturer of polythene bag machines with a substantive position in the UK market.
Production is based on side seal machinery both flat bed and wicket machines.
Joke (Bergisch - Gladbach) Germany
Joke will be known to many in the UK as being the manufacturer of Joisten and Kettlebaum machinery in the past. For over 60 years the company has supplied small sealing machines and some speciality sealing machines.
Recently, the company took over Renotec which was a successfull manufacturer of larger side seal and other machines. 
Production is based from small scale and often specialized  sealing machinery, to the larger machines by the newly introduced Renotec machinery for courier bags etc.
Viara ( Imola ), Italy.
The company is located in Imola and has held prime position in Italy for over 20 years, having been run and managed by the Foripani family.
Production is based on impulse seal bottom seal machinery between approximately 800mm and 2000mm.
The company also rebuilds Arvor machines and generally speaking replacement Arvor parts are available through the company.
Techouse Corporation Inc, Santa Ana , California.
For over 20 years, the company has manufactured and supplied all types of attachments for polythene bag machines, commencing with the West Coast USA and then moving on to respond to demand from other parts of the world.
In particular, the company has enjoyed considerable success with zipper applicators as this market has grown in the past years.
Production is entirely designed and manufactured in-house and covers everything from simple punches to large sophisticated systems.
Modern Manfacturing Inc, Palmyra, New York
With many years in the manufacture of bag and pouch machines, Modern has grown to reach an enviable position in the market where it supplies regularly to some of the most prestigious pre-made pouch manufacturers in the USA.
Production is of any type of pouch machine from 3 side seal to hugely sophisticated medical pouch machines and machines for quad-seal pouches.
Azco Inc, Fairfield, New Jersey, USA
This company is the only company represented which is not dedicated to the polythene bag converting businesses. It manufactures modular cutting machinery and other items to almost every conceivable market, whether that be medical, foam, foils or others.
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